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Joshua McLean / Founder, Community Manager, Developer, Judge

Game developer, composer, writer, and mathematics / computer science tutor Joshua McLean built 8 Bits to Infinity on the principles outlined in our mission statement. He has run jams every month since November 2018, streaming every prototype from each event, and will submit to every future jam starting in 2020. He has an extensive collection of royalty-free music for use in games and is working as a composer for some small projects.

Music / Twitter / Twitch / Email

CptBlackPixel (Erick Zanardo) / Developer, Moderator, Judge

Erick, a.k.a. CptBlackPixel, game dev, pixel artist and amateur game designer, works on an open source game engine called Flame and some mobile games. Has two released titles: Bob Box and Break Guns Using Gems and is working at the moment on Tales of a Lost Mine.


lilou_cormic / Moderator, Judge

Ludivine a.k.a. lilou_cormic is a game dev who has worked professionally in C# Windows desktop apps for 12+ years. She makes games with Unity and has participated in multiple game jams. She released one title: Ze Field and is currently working on a similar larger project called Domino House which has a demo available to play.


Twin Ghosts / Moderator, Judge

Joeri, aka TwinGhosts, is a programmer, pixel artist and musician who jams often, regularly creating overscoped projects. His best jam achievement is 37th overall during Ludum Dare 40. He’s working on a 2D platformer called “Shield Knight” and has tons of smaller projects on his site and Always ready to help in the #dev-help channel on Discord!


Ben James / Judge

Ben James (a.k.a. benjames171) is a long-time software developer with over 50 completed games ranging from 1-day game jam oddities to years-long AAA titles. His preference is chunky 2D pixel art projects with a strong retro feel inspired by computer and arcade games of the 1980s.


Vimlark / Judge

Nick aka Vimlark is a game designer, pixel artist, Youtuber, and streamer. He is currently working on and making videos for a game called Monkeys With Guns as well as taking part in many game jams and challenges.


Efmi_ / Judge

Viivi, aka Efmi, is a software development student from Finland who has been actively programming and developing games as a hobby since 2014. In 2018, she started studying software development. Viivi loves games which tell stories through gameplay and mechanics, and is more interested in technical details than the audiovisual experience. She is working on a 2D side-view action RPG called Adventures in Platnium using Unity with C#.

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