This is a challenge to ramp up for Revision Jam.

Revision Jam celebrates the anniversary of 8 Bits to Infinity jams, challenging developers to revisit a past, unfinished prototype and improve on it.

General Info

Everyone is welcome to join, even if it’s your first time doing art or music!

You may work on multiple pieces but please submit only one.

Avoid copyrighted/trademarked elements (remix, fan fic/art, etc.).

By submitting to the challenge, you give us permission to include your final image or animation on this website, the associated jam page, and any promotional posts related to the jam.

You retain all rights to the work, and if you ask us to remove the work from our postings, we will gladly do so.

Share your work on the Discord server in the #challenge-discuss channel and don’t forget to give others feedback!

The Challenge

Update a piece of visual art or music that you previously “finished.” No limitations on the kind of art, genre of music, etc.

If making visual art, include your name/handle on the image. If making music, tag your mp3 file with your name. You deserve credit for your work.

Submit art as a .png file or music as an .mp3 file.

Prize: Depending on the number of entries, a select number of winners will be featured in the forthcoming Challenge Winners Gallery on this website. All winners will also receive the challenge-winner role on the Discord server.

Deadline: Thursday, November 7 at 11:59pm ET

Submit: Submission Form

Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact Joshua or ask for help on the Discord server.