Bot Guide

This is the guide for the MrJoshuaMcLean stream bot. If you want help for the 8 Bits to Infinity Discord bots, see here.

Jam Games

  • Submit with the !submit command explained below
  • Maximum 10 minutes of feedback
  • If I complete the prototype or feel there's nothing left to say, I may end early

Indie (Steam, etc.) and Retro Games

  • Submit through the Contact page (link in header)
  • Minimum 30 minutes
  • Maximum 1-2 hours, depending on how much I enjoy the game
  • Rarely, I dedicate an entire stream to a game (3-6 hours)

Submitting a Game Jam Project

To submit a prototype from a game jam, type in the Twitch chat:

!submit <URL>

Where <URL> is a link to your game's jam submission page, i.e.:

  • https://www.alakajam-com/#th-alakajam/###/game-name

For anything but Ludum Dare, the bot will figure out the author name, title, etc. automatically.

For Ludum Dare, I'll have to put in the data manually. You get an ID number from the bot when you submit. Remember your ID! That's the only way to know where you are in the queue.

As soon as you submit, you will be marked as priority in the system.

Priority System

Currently, the queue prioritizes the active jam and works on a (mostly) first-come, first-serve basis, with priority to people in the chat. The following is the intended, eventual priority system.

The current active jam receives priority over any other jams.

When you're added to the priority list, the bot will automatically place you next in line.

Other Commands


See how many games are in the queue.


See which jam is currently prioritized.


Flag yourself as "here" to get priority. Only do this if you submitted in a previous stream. Submitting a game automatically adds you to the priority list.


See a list of the upcoming games in the queue and get a link to the full queue.

Questions? Comments?

Get in touch through the Contact page (link in the header).