8 Bits to Infinity is a community of game developers built on four pillars: Respect, Inclusion, Self-Improvement, and Experimentation.

Our mission is to polish the craft and artistry of game development and design through game jams, honest feedback, and iterative improvement.


We seek for every member to be treated as they wish to be treated. Our community has a zero-tolerance policy for disrespect or anything that discourages other members from learning, experimenting, or sharing their efforts. Respect is easy: Be humble, considerate, helpful, and welcoming.


We welcome anyone with an interest in game development, whether as a hobby, professional work, or curiosity. Our jams benefit developers of all skill levels, and in turn, anyone can contribute feedback during a game jam. We seek to help each other learn, to judge the work and not the developer.

Self Improvement

The most important progress is personal progress. Although many areas of game development require objective comparison to improve basic skills, creative aspects–including the end product–are subjective. Improvement in these areas is best compared to past work from the same developer. Each small step our members take to learn and grow is an accomplishment, regardless of how others progress.


Experimenting with new tools, technologies, designs, skills, and methods in game development is the fastest way to learn skills and discover revolutionary ideas. Game development is a massively complex, cross-discipline effort requiring many different skills, so every experiment is an opportunity. We seek to fail faster and learn from those failures.